Alpha Release
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    Equipment Inventory

    Keep a list of all your equipment inventory. Quick glance of what equipment is in service or not. Same look and feel at the Redmine application.

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    Running list of locations

    Keeps track of the last known location and who had the equipment last using easy check in system. Each time the equipment is moved a user checks it in. Check ins can be available to anyone publicly if configured to do so.

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  • Scan labels for easy check in

    Prints out labels with QR Code images that can be scaned in by a camera. Ths makes a very quick and easy way to track inventory. Use any bar code scanner on your phone. Links directly to the check in site.

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  • iPhone style interface

    During a check in if it detects an iphone it uses an interface specific for the small screen. Uses cookies to auto fill the entry fields which makes repeated checkins easy as touching one button.

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